About Anomalies

I call these anomalies because they are usually something I rarely, or have not, captured before and seem to emit their own light, eliminating the possibility of them being bugs or debris in the air.


This is my first paranormal photo taken with my cell phone camera at a spirit retreat in October, 2015. I could see two very bright balls of light moving in a ribbon-like pattern in the phone display before capturing it. I could feel a sense of love and playfullness. 


This is the second shot of the photo above. The anomaly moved positions, but the phone did not.


As you can see, the anomaly was gone seconds later.


This photo was taken at the same spirit retreat. My sister was standing next to me when I took a picture of the stairs in an old Inn. We could see two balls of light quickly moving up the stairs in the phone display while taking the picture. 


This is the second photo taken seconds later. We then went downstairs to take more pictures and my sister had the phone up ready to take a picture of me and saw two balls of light in the phone display quickly move behind my head from the area of the stairs and then disappear. She was unable to capture it on the phone.

More Anomalies

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