About Me

I live in beautiful Washington state and have been taking orb photos since June, 2017. I was a graphic designer for 15 years and then became a stay-at-home mom to raise our 2 sons and would call myself an open-minded skeptic when it came to the paranormal. After seeing orbs in our 2016 Christmas photos, I decided to do some research. I read many books and did internet searches on the subject and then decided to start taking photos in our yard at night. At first, I would get an occasional orb or two in my photos. But as my photo sessions progressed, I would get more in each shot and decided to invest in another used camera. I noticed each camera would pick up different characteristics of the orbs. Five cameras later - I now have thousands of paranormal pictures that I am excited to share with others. 

The two photos above are me taking pictures of plasma clouds (not seen with the naked eye) and at the right is me being surrounded by orbs. All three pictures were taken at the ECETI Ranch in Trout Lake, WA.