Orbs have been a fascinating phenomenon being captured on digital cameras for over 20 years.  


 This website depicts photos of orbs, energies, mists, vortices, and more taken in our yard.  


My intention of creating this website is to share my photos and experiences so we can continue to learn together.


A Vortex in the Front Yard

This is one of many photos of the vortex in our front yard where I've captured many different types of energies. Go to the Vortices page to see more of these types of photos.  


Energies In the Rain

This photo is one example of many energies I've captured in our front yard where a vortex seems to be present. I only get these types of energies in the rain. The theory is that extra ionization in the atmosphere from the rain may help the energies to manifest. Go to the Energies page to see more of these types of photos.


Intelligent and Interactive

I have discovered that the orbs and energies are very interactive and respond when we communicate with them, either verbally or telepathically. After learning about plasma clouds on the web, the first time I requested one, one immediately appeared in the next frame. I believe this is proof that we are dealing with an intellegent consciousness. The theory is that plasma clouds are a large collection of orbs.  Go to the Plasma Clouds page to see more of these types of photos.