Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are "spirit" orbs?

A: Though nobody can really say for sure,  there are many theories as to what orbs are - souls of departed loved ones, angels and archangels, beings from another dimension, a collective consciousness, or in one word - energy. There is a lot still to be discovered and understood about orbs. 

Q: What do orb colors mean?

A: Orbs have been captured in many different colors, see orbs/orb swarms. There are charts and theories as to what the colors of orbs mean. One theory is that each color conveys a different type of communication from the orb. Another is that the color depicts their manifestation stage when captured with the camera. Their colors could also be an indication of what realm they inhabit since some believe the very bright white orbs are from an angelic realm.

Q: How can I get orbs in my photos?

A: All you need is an open mind, the right intention, lots of patience and a cheap digital camera. I use three different old Nikon Coolpix point-and-shoot cameras. I keep the flash on and put the image mode on 8M. Orbs are easier to see against a dark background, so taking pictures outside at night is a good place to start. Ask for them to appear, verbally or telepathically, and they will oblige. If you don't get very many at first, don't worry - they will continue to appear in larger numbers the more photo sessions you have.

Q: How do I know it's an authentic spirit orb?

A: Though some dust, moisture or lens flare can look like spirit orbs, they usually don't have the colors and concentric patterns in them. Avoid taking pictures in a dusty area, dense fog or directly into a light source like the sun. The more pictures you take, the better you will get at telling the difference. 

Q: Can orbs be seen with the naked eye?

A: Though it's very rare, some people can see orbs with the naked eye. I have not developed this skill yet.